lil romeo

At the age of 10, Lil Romeo followed in his father Master P's footsteps and became a rapper. He beat Michael Jackson's record of the youngest person to get a number one with his first single "My baby." His success came from his two early studio albums, mainly Game Time. He mentioned that he did the album all by himself, at his home studio, which was shown on the show MTV Cribs. Lil Romeo also released a third album called Romeoland, but this didn't get as much attention as his previous two. It starred guest appearance from Nick Cannon, Master P, and his new group, the Rich Boyz. He also released two compilation albums, Lottery and God's Gift.

Romeo opened a new recording label named Guttar Music. Romeo also appeared on most of his father's greatest hits, such as "I Need Dubs". He is in a rap group with his cousins and younger brother called "Rich boyz". So far the Rich Boyz have released one studio album but the group appeared on most of the tracks on God's Gift. Since then, Romeo has been working on his new album, Gumbo Station. This will be his first studio album for three years and his first studio album to use the name Romeo. He mentioned on his myspace page that this is going to be his best album yet. Guests will include Rihanna and production by Dr Dre. Despite many others in the industry, Romeo will not be changing his lyricial style too much. He has stated that he will not try and toughen up his lyrics saying "Why try and act hard when I'm a role model?". He writes all of his lyrics on his records and has said that he has been a ghostwriter for some artists. After the album has been released in 2007, Romeo will be concentrating more on his basketball than his music, though he will not be quitting.

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